Northern Colorado
Educator Home Ownership Program Terms and Conditions


Northern Colorado Home Educator Program - Rules and Regulations:

Qualifying Northern Colorado school employees can save up to $3000 dollars when they buy or sell a home using the Northern Colorado Home Educator Program.

This program is only valid when a home is purchased or sold with Lauren Haug (Sweetheart City Living Real Estate), and when financing is provided by Jennifer White (Loan Originator with 1st City Mortgage). 

Qualifying educators will receive $3000 in the form of closing cost credits and prepaids upon closing on a home.

$1500 will come directly from Lauren Haug’s commission. This credit will be outlined in the Exclusive Right to Buy Contract between Sweetheart City Living Real Estate and the Buyer, and will also be detailed on the closing disclosure and settlement statement.

An additional $1500 will come from Jennifer White’s commission, and will be disclosed on the closing disclosure and settlement statement. Please refer to 1st City Home Loans for further terms and conditions applicable to this portion of the credit.

These funds will be used to offset closing costs including (but not limited to): loan costs, prorated property taxes, rate buy down, prepaid hazard insurance premiums, prepaid home owner association dues, etc.

Qualifying educators will receive a $1500 listing side commission reduction on full commission listings (full commission = 6% total commission). This reduction in commission will be outlined in the Exclusive Right to Sell listing contract between Sweetheart City Living Real Estate and the Seller.

Credits for Home Purchase and Home Sale may be combined once per calendar year.

Participants must be current employees of a private or public educational institution. 

Qualifying institutions include preschools, early childhood education centers, K-12 schools, community colleges, higher education institutions. 

Qualifying employees include, but are not limited to: administrators, assistants, aides, bus drivers, coaches, coordinators, counselors, custodians, deans, directors, librarians, paraprofessionals, professors, principals, superintendents, and teachers. Lauren Haug and Sweetheart City Living Real Estate reserve the right to include additional employment positions in this list.